Piano Tuning

What is piano tuning?

A standard piano has 88 keys, but did you know that it actually takes over 200 strings to produce those 88 pitches? That’s because some keys have two or three strings, which must be kept in perfect unison. When tuning a piano, the technician uses a tuning hammer to adjust the tension of individual strings. The tuner uses a given frequency, usually A440, to start tuning the note A, above middle C. Then, when A is established, the tuner has a vast amount of choices of how to tune the rest of the piano in relation to that A. When the tuning is complete, each note will have in-tune unisons, and the musical pitch of each note will be relative to the pitches of the other notes in a prescribed manner such as Equal Temperamant. At this point, the piano will sound “in tune.


Please Note: If your piano has not been tuned in years, it may need a tuning, plus pitch raise to get it back to proper pitch.