Piano Cleaning

Dust, dirt and debris accumulates over time and is difficult for the piano owner to clean in areas under the strings, on the soundboard, plate, and around the tuning pins.

The piano technician has special tools to get into those areas, without damaging the strings, to make it look and function like brand new again.

If your piano hasn’t been cleaned in several years (or ever in many cases) it could greatly benefit by having a complete cleaning.  You will notice a difference in how your piano plays and sounds just by having it thoroughly cleaned.

Because of all the fragile parts in a piano, it is not recommended for the piano owner to attempt to clean the inside of their piano.  Water and chemicals, etc. can be corrosive to the fragile metal parts of the piano.  Sprays containing oils can cause pinblock damage which will lead to slipping tuning pins. Even dusting and vacuuming can cause serious problems if any of the thousands of fragile parts are bumped, snagged, mishandled, broken, misplaced, or accidentally sucked up in the vacuum cleaner.  Cleaning the piano’s interior is best left to the professional piano technician.